The BYT-CIIMAR program is very grateful to Amadeu Dias Foundation for the exclusive financial support of the postgraduate program BYT+ and by financing a total of 5 scholarships within the BYT undergraduate program.
The BYT-CIIMAR program is very grateful to Portuguese Science Foundation for the  financial support of 15 scholarships within the BYT PhD postgraduated program, within the scope of the Collaboration and Financing Protocol to support a multiannual plan for research grants for doctoral students, signed between FCT and CIIMAR (R&D Unit No. 4423).
The BYT-CIIMAR program is very thankful to Soja Portugal and Amadeu Dias Foundation for there contribution with scholarships to the BYT-CIIMAR undergraduate program.
BYT thanks the partners who contributed to the undergraduate and graduate programs scientific and entrepreneurship activities as well as with laboratory material for laboratory activities.