What is CIIMAR’s BYT program?

A undergraduate (BYT) and postgraduate (BYT +, BYTPhD) program to attract talents in the interdisciplinary research areas of CIIMAR such as marine biotechnologies, global changes, ecosystem services, conservation, aquaculture and nutrition. The BYT, BYTplus and BYTPhD programs aim to provide the best undergraduate and postgraduate students with training in a stimulating and excellent scientific environment, in partnership with industry and SMEs.
Selected BYT, BYT+ and BYTPhD candidates will be awarded a scholarship and the opportunity to carry out their internship project or their master’s or doctoral dissertation within CIIMAR’s research teams, as well as the participation in a group of enrichment activities that enhance scientific excellence as well as in marine entrepreneurship and their insertion in the labor market.

The success of the BYT-CIIMAR undergraduate and BYTplus postgraduate programs, which are currently in the 6th and 11st editions, respectively, gave rise to the BYTPhD program whose 1st edition will be launched in 2020.

BYT editions

Evolution of the nº of BYT students

BYT students per MSc and BSc programs

BSc degrees represented in BYT program

BSc degrees represented in BYT plus program

BSc degrees represented in BYT PhD program